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In  As You Like It,  Rosalind says, “I had rather have a fool to make me merry than experience to make me sad...” I would like to think that both should and can coexist in the ways that we learn.


By sharing my own experiences, I want to help my students reach a deeper understanding of how life can be lived in the wake of personal grief, and how we can build a network of dedicated, supportive, and invested creative minds.

A playmaking piece truthfully exploring all the ups and downs of middle school. 

Who Am I Anyway? was completely written and performed by Tiverton Middle School students. 

The Bard's classic tale of familial drama brought to you by the ever-talented Gamm Summer Intensive campers. 

Hamlet was directed by Gabriella Sanchez and assistant directed by me!

"We LOVE Surrey, catch her playing Yee Haw with unsuspecting kids at a moment's notice. Just kidding. Surrey is a wonderful, kind, thoughtful human being who brings her whole self to education. It's clear that she is...great at connecting with students in a way that makes them feel comfortable and supported."

- Will; Senior at Moses Brown School 

"Surrey was a lifeline for me during the Gamm Summer Intensive. She brings a lot of knowledge to the table and is noticeably passionate about her work and easy to connect with, taking time to make sure everyone is on the same page and elevating everyone’s understanding."

-Nola; Junior at Moses Brown School 

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